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Close-out time – loose: 8 hours

Close-out time – shipper built: 4 hours

Close-out time – unknown: 12 hours

Close-out time dangerous goods: 8 hours

Close-out time dry ice:  8 hours



Close-out time – loose: 4 hrs 

Close-out time – shipper built: 2hrs 

Pharma & life sciences

COL Storage (Chiller) 2°C-8°C?  Yes

Can pharma be kept seperate from perishables? Yes, separate warehouse

Chiller temp range:  Between 2-8°C

Chiller has out of temp alarm? Yes

How often is chiller temperature checked? Online system checks regularly and sends out sms in case of alarm.

Capacity of chiller (ULD and loose):  125m² loose

Notice required for chiller: No

CCTV on chiller door? Yes, outside not inside the chiller

Temperature controlled dollies / trucks available airside? Yes, on request and contract with Brussels Airport

CRT Storage (15°C-25°C)? Yes

Capacity of CRT storage area:  1200m²

ACT Can handle 'Active' ULDs?  YES

Can source dry ice / batteries for t2 RKN/RAPs? On requested, outsourced company.

Dry Ice Supplier: Yes, HAZGO

Electrical outlets available for charging active units? Yes, available for 20 units.

FRO Freezer (-20°C)? : No

Customer can break down their own pallets on the door?  Yes on request

Other commodities



Secure area for VAL (Vault)? Yes, outsourced to BRINKS.

Secure area for VUL (Cages)? No

Witness Loads: Yes

Secure transfers to/from aircraft: Yes

Dangerous goods

DG storage area? Yes

Size of DG storage area: 100m²

Handling info & charges

Equipment used for airside towing / transfers: tractors and dollies

Average transit time from facilty to aircraft: 20 min

Staging time on tarmac prior to loading: 90 min

Average aircraft loading time: 45min (freighter flights)

Average transit time for unload and transfer back to facility: 20min

Our gateway to central Europe

With direct flights from BRU to LHR, we can connect cargo across Europe to our wider network. Trucking is currently available to/from the following European gateways:

  • AMS
  • CDG
  • DUS
  • FRA
  • GRZ
  • LNZ
  • PRG
  • VIE

For bookings originating in Europe, please click here to find your gateway for the correct contact details.