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Cargo tracking devices

Relax and track your cargo in real time

We know sometimes you may need to track your cargo throughout it's journey, which is why we allow you to use tracking devices to monitor shipments throughout transit, whenever and wherever you need to.

Trackers provide real time connectivity to your shipments with greater visibility of location and temperature – which is particularly useful for more sensitive commodities. 

The following information details what we can do to support you and your devices of choice, offering peace of mind that your hardware has been approved for use on Virgin aircraft.

Below are the active devices that are currently accepted. Each device has gone through a thorough approval process by our Engineering teams, in line with risk assessment and European EASA Regulations, which ensures safety and compatibility. 

Please note, if you're shipping cargo with a tracking device, this must be declared as part of the booking process.

If your shipment is Pharma, you only need to complete the Pharma booking request form, as this will also capture your device information.

See below for more information, or click here to declare a tracking device now.

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