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Cargo tracking devices

Relax and track your cargo in real time

We know sometimes you may need to track your cargo throughout it's journey, which is why we allow you to use tracking devices to monitor shipments throughout transit, whenever and wherever you need to

Trackers provide real time connectivity to your shipments with greater visibility of location and temperature – which is particularly useful for more sensitive commodities. 

The following information details what we can do to support you and your devices of choice, offering peace of mind that your hardware has been approved for use on Virgin aircraft.

Below are the active devices that are currently accepted. Each device has gone through a thorough approval process by our Engineering teams, in line with risk assessment and European EASA Regulations, which ensures safety and compatibility. 

Please note, if you're shipping cargo with a tracking device, this must be declared as part of the booking process.

Please ensure that the make and model of the device you are using is declared on your MAWB

See below for more information.

Approved GPS devices

Brand Device


AMI Controlant CO10.01

Controlant SAGA

Controlant SAGA-H (humidity sensor)

Controlant SAGA-P (external probes)


Emerson GO Real-Time 4G/5G (Standard)


CargoSignal – iTraq Butterfly

Krisen Global Security

Schenker Smartbox A-Type

OnAsset Intelligence

SENTRY FlightSafe 400

SENTRY FlightSafe 500

SENTRY FlightSafe 600


Hanhaa ParceLive


BeeSense Flex


Sendum PT300D


Sensitech TempTale GEO Ultra

Sensitech VizComm View Ultra


Tive TT-7000 / Solo 5G

Tive TT-7100 / Solo 5G

7P Solutions

7P Solutions GL300W

We're currently in the process of adding even more devices to this list. To submit a new device or check on the current status of approval requests, please contact

Approved data loggers

Brand Device
  • CartaSense U-Sensor (Model 100115)
  • Libero CS
  • Libero CB
  • Libero CI
  • Libero CD
  • Libero CE (BLE)
  • Libero CL (BLE)
  • Libero CH (BLE)
  • tlog SOLO Temperatures
  • tlogTAG
  • tlogTAG PRO Series
  • tlogTAG PRO Series RH
  • tlogSMART LITE
  • tlogSMART PRO Series
  • tlogSMART PRO Series RH
  • Roambee BeeBeacon
  • Roambee BeeBeacon Plus 
Sencius Technologies
  • Tempnote V1.0
  • Tempnote Lite V2.0
  • Tempnote T32SU
  • TempTale Ultra
  • TempTale Ultra BIO
  • TempTale Ultra Fit
  • TempTale 4
  • TempTale 4 BIO
  • TempTale 4 Humidity
  • TempTale 4 Dry Ice with Extended Probe
  • SkyCell Savy Sensor (Model 800)
  • ITAG 3 Pro
  • ITAG 4
  • ITAG 4 BIO
  • ITAG 4 SP
  • ITAG 4 TH
  • TEMPOD 30
  • TEMPOD 50X
  • TEMPOD 90S
  • TEMPOD 100X
  • TEMPOD 200X
  • TEMPOD 20B (BLE)
  • TEMPOD 100XB (BLE)
  • TEMPOD 200XB (BLE)
  • HiTag2 SI 1m
  • HiTag2 SI RH 1m
  • HiTag2
  • HiTag2 SI
  • HiTag2 RH
  • HiTag2 RH SI
  • HiTag2 Long-life
  • HiTag2 Long-life RH
  • HiTag2 Long-life SI
  • HiTag2 Long-life RH SI
  • HiTag2 FM
  • HiTag2 FM SI
  • HiTag2 FM RH
  • HiTag2 FM RH SI
  • HiTag2 RH HiRes
  • HiTag2 RH SI HiRes
  • Installation Tag


BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy

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