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For when it’s precious, and needs extra security


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In an ever-evolving market, 'valuable' extends to far more than gold, diamonds and currency. We understand the potential risks along the chain when transporting high-value items, and have every special measure in place to give you peace of mind when moving your precious cargo.

When it's valuable, we never take our eyes off your shipment. Our trained team will complete multiple checks at every step of the journey, escorted by dedicated security personnel, to guarantee it arrives safe and sound.


Product features:

Security escorts

Secure transport equipment

High priority

Suitable for:

Gold, diamonds, jewellery, bank notes, high-tech, artowrk and any other high-value good


Service levels

Choose from any of our service levels to get the best combination of cost and priority to meet your needs:





Not available for Valuable



Guaranteed to be on time, every time



Not available for Valuable

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For when it’s irreplaceable, and needs extra protection.


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