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Our story

We were born to fly...

In 1984, Richard Branson launched Virgin Atlantic promising something different and better for customers, and this approach is reflected within the cargo team, striving to offer exceptional customer experience at every stage of their interaction with us.

A network that's going places...

From our first flight connecting London and New York to today, we can now give our customers quick and easy access to around a quarter of all transatlantic cargo capacity … and that’s not all. We offer daily services to India, Pakistan, Africa and the Caribbean, plus a world of interline connections. So, if you want to fly your cargo with us, we’ll always find a way.


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...and an unmatched transatlantic partnership

With the development of our strategic partnership with Delta, we aim to offer an unrivalled transatlantic network to our customers. As our relationship with Delta goes from strength to strength, as does the offering we're able to provide to our customers on both sides of the pond.

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Simple products

Our customers tell us they like our simple and straightforward products; and that's what we offer. Easy to understand, even easier to use and we always deliver. 


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Tailored to you

From the most temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals to your beloved family pet, we’ve got a product that works for you. Like what you hear? Click the link to open an account.

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Service levels

Everything we do is driven by you, our customers; listening to your requirements and then working together to provide the best solution to meet your requirements.

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We’re always ready to listen

Tell us how we can help your business to grow and we’ll work with you to create the best possible solutions. We also love feedback! In order for us to continually improve we need to understand how you feel about the service we offer; what we are doing well and what areas we need to focus our attention on. We may not always get it right, but we are listening and taking actions based on your feedback. 

Each quarter we will send you a short survey, taking only a minute to complete. We would love to hear what you have to say! Please contact your local sales representative if you have any questions regarding the survey, or to discuss your feedback further.