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Export close-out times

Our export close-out times are as follows:

Unknown cargo: 7 hours

Known cargo: 6 hours

Shipper built: 6 hours

Dangerous goods: 7 hours

Dry ice: 7 hours

Pharma & life sciences

COL Storage (Chiller) +2c to +8c? Yes

Can pharma be seperated from perishables? Yes

Does the chiller have a temp alarm? Yes

How often is the chiller temp checked? Weekly

Capacity of chiller (ULD and loose): 30 m2

Notice for chiller required: At time of booking

CCTV on chiller door? Yes

Temperature controlled dollies / trucks available airside? No

CRT storage +15c to +25c available? Yes

Capacity of CRT storage area: 150 m2

Active units handled: Envirotainer and Csafe

Can source dry ice / batteries for active units? Yes

Supplier that can provide dry ice? Yes

Number of electrical outlets available for charging active units: 6

Freezer available -20c? No

Can customer break down their own pallets on the door? No




Secure area for VAL (Vault)?  Yes

Vault charges: on request

Size of vault: 15 m2

Secure area for VUL (Cages)? Yes

Cage charges: on request

Size of cage: 15 m2

Witness Loads: Yes

Secure transfers to/from aircraft: Yes

Cost for secure transfer: on request

Dangerous goods

Is there a dangerous goods storage area available? Yes

What is the size of the dangerous goods area? 10m2

Handling info & charges

Average transit time from facility to aircraft: 20 minutes

Staging time on tarmac prior to loading: 90 minutes

Average aircraft loading time: 40 minutes

Average transfer time for unload and transfer back to facility: 20 minutes