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Tel Aviv

What do you need to know?


General - Express: 3 hours

Priority: 5 hours for known and unknown cargo, 3 hours for shipper built

Classic: 5 hours for known and unknown cargo and shipper built 

Courier - Express: 3 hours

Dangerous goods: 5 hours


General - Express: 2.5 hours

Priority: 4 hours for loose, 2.5 hours for shipper built

Classic: 4 hours for loose, 2.5 hours for shipper built

Courier - Express: 2.5 hours

Custom hours: 08:00 to 20:00 - 24/7

Pharma & life sciences

COL Storage (Chiller) 2°C-8°C? Yes

Can separate pharma from perishables? Yes

Chiller temp range: 2°C - 8°C 

Chiller has out of temp alarm? Yes

How is chiller temperature checked? Temp monitoring system

Capacity of chiller (ULD and loose):  Perishable 650sqm, Pharma 400sqm

Notice required for chiller: Pre request/first available

CCTV on chiller door? Yes

Temperature controlled dollies / trucks available airside? Yes - on request

CRT Storage (15°C-25°C)? Yes

Capacity of CRT storage area: Perishable 1200sqm, Pharma 800sqm

ACT Can handle 'Active' ULDs? Yes

Can source dry ice/batteries for t2 RKN/RAP's? Yes (on request)

Electrical outlets available for charging active units? Yes

FRO freezer (-20C)? Yes

Freezer capacity: 70 skids

Customer can break down their own pallets on the door? Yes

Commodities & pets



Secure area for VAL (Vault)? Yes

Secure area for VUL (Cages)? Yes

Size of secure area: VAL 30sqm, VULN 180sqm

Witness Loads: Yes

Secure transfers to/from aircraft: Yes

Dangerous goods

DG storage area? Yes

Size of DG storage area: 24 skids


Single position cars? Yes

Multiple position cars? No

Booking window required (lead-in time): 48 hours minimum


Sorry, our pet product is current unavailable.

Gateway info & charges

Equipment used for airside towing / transfers: Dollies

Average transit time from facility to aircraft: 30 mins

Staging time on tarmac prior to loading: STD 60 mins

Average aircraft loading time: STD 60 mins

Average transit time for unload and transfer back to facility: 30 mins

Handling /kg:

GHA charges for pallet breakdown (Fish):

DGR Check Fees: Completed by GSSA

Dry Ice Check Fees (imposed by GHA):

Dry Ice Check Fees (charged by VS):

Charges for re-icing RKNs / RAPs:

Import charges: