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Must Ride


Our premium service offering priority access

With our Must Ride service, we guarantee to get your cargo where it needs without delay. Compatible for any sized shipment, whether it’s critical machinery parts, urgent band equipment, crucial spares or even dangerous goods, our dependable solution help you be on time, every time.

When booking Must Ride, you will be given the highest boarding priority and preferential access to space. If you’re moving specialist shipments we can also offer witness loads or security escorts.

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Why choose Must Ride?

High prioirty

For your shipments that must fly

Preferential space

Better access to capacity, even on busy routes

Additional features

Optional security escorts and witness loads for your high-value goods


Must Ride Features
Booking window Up to 14 days 
Weight / volume limits Limited only by aircraft & maximum pallet weights
Allocations accepted Yes
Boarding prioirty Highest priority
Close out times 

Loose cargo: 6 hours

Shipper built units: 4 hours *

Online track & trace  Yes
Prioirty unloading on acceptance 


Prioirty Collection Yes
Freight availability **

Loose cargo: 5 hours

Shipper built units: 3 hours

Min. connection time at LHR

Loose cargo: 7 hours

Shipper built units: 5 hours

Restrictions / limitations None


* Applies to known cargo. DGR and dry ice close out times may vary, please check at time of booking.

** Please check for local variances.



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